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November 2015 Cases

R v B
Our client was facing a public order charge which if found guilty would have a devastating effect on his company. A detailed and thorough trial preparation enabled the QC to successfully defend the client at trial and obtain a defence costs order as he was paying privately for hi defence.

R v S
A case that involved a lot of media coverage spanning over a year saw the defendant charged with assault. Despite strong prosecution evidence the court saw through the allegation and agreed with our trial advocate that the complainant, despite being old and frail, had a mental fortitude and never thought he was going to be assaulted and that the fall, which caused injuries, was an unfortunate accident. The client was acquitted and the court ordered a costs in his favour as he was privately funding his defence.

R v N
A head doorman of a large night club faced charges of assaulting two young woman, an allegation made more serious due to it being allegedly done whilst at work. Proactive preparation, which involved amongst things obtaining floor plans, photos and videos of the club and interviewing of witnesses, meant that our advocate could put forward an unassailable defence that led to the defendant being acquitted.

R v D
A domestic allegation of violence against a female partner was made against our client. In front of the resident Judge for the Brighton area our advocate expertly cross-examined the complainant to reveal serious question marks in the complaint. Consequently a half time submission of no case to answer was made and accepted by the Judge. This meant that the defendant was acquitted without having to go through the experience of giving evidence under cross examination.

S v B
A serious case of sexual assault against a young girl witnessed by 2 independent witnesses. Our client was found guilty but after obtaining a psychological report on our client the Judge agreed that in this exceptional case he should avoid custody and the client was given a community order.

R v S
Our client was charged with another in connection with over 80 internet frauds which caused a loss of thousands of pounds. The case lasted 2 years and required a high level of scrutiny when analysising the large amount of papers. At trial we persuaded the Judge that the defendant clearly had no knowledge of the frauds, which had been carried out by the co-defendant, and had been manipulated by the co-defendant who was a sophisticated fraudster. The Judge accepted our half time submission of no case to answer and acquitted our client.

R v R & R
Both our client’s were charged with assaulting a steward at Brighton & Hove Albion’s AMEX stadium. Analysis of extensive cctv footage of the ground and revealed that the case was not quite as alleged to be and under cross-examination significant doubts were raised so that the Magistrates agreed with our advocate’s submissions and acquitted both clients.

R v P
Our client was charged with causing death of another by driving dangerous. There was a lot of national media coverage and emotion which required a robust and delicate case management by us. The client was found guilty after trial but we managed to keep the sentence down to 7 years of imprisonment when it could have been up to 14 years.

R v K
An allegation of street robbery was denied by our client and when the trial date was set we persuaded the court, against the police’s wishes, to bail our client with an electronic curfew. As the case papers were served onto us it transpired that the prosecution case was flawed and they clearly did not have enough evidence to obtain a conviction. At the time the client was arrested for breaching his curfew. Representations were made immediately to the CPS over the phone and they were persuaded the matter should be discontinued. They agreed to immediately send us a copy of the notice which was then sent to the custody centre holding our client allowing them release him immediately. Our efforts not only stopped a trial but also prevented a juvenile from staying overnight in police cells for a court breach hearing the next day.