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Youth client conviction for Rape quashed in Crown Court

Our client a juvenile, was convicted of rape of another juvenile in the Magistrates Youth Court in front of a District Judge. The changes in the law mean that a lot of very serious cases like this stay in the Magistrates Court rather than go to the Crown Court before a jury. Unfortunately, unlike with adults, juvenile’s do not the choice of courts for their trial.

In appealing the conviction to the Crown Court, our expert Mike Whippy worked with great care and skill when preparing the case, having a great regard to the ages of the defendant and his witness and the complex family issues, ensuring that the client had the best chance at trial as possible.

Over a 2 day trial counsel, Sarah Taite at Westgate Chambers, a specialist in these serious child sex cases, was successful in having the conviction quashed.

Mike Whippy has significant experience of dealing with young clients and always gets the best outcome with his meticulous and skilful representation. If you want the highest level of representation that will make a difference than call our office today.