Criminal Defence

We are an experienced, proactive and trustworthy firm of criminal defence solicitors

We have a proven track record in defending our client’s against criminal prosecution. Due to this reputation a lot of our client’s come to us from recommendations.

Most of our clients choose us for our skilled and experienced representation. They want a firm who will meticulously prepare their case spending extra time on it to achieve the best results, whilst being able to communicate with client’s in a clear and transparent manner, gaining the client’s trust.

We work with the highest level of professionals to get the best outcome for our clients, whether it be Queens Council Barristers, forensic accounts, medical professionals or IT specialists.


Never arrested or charged before? Unsure what to do?

What to do if arrested:

  • Ask for Mackrell Marsh & Co’s advice and representation
  • This is a right you have and it’s free.
  • If you did not receive representation at the station and you have been released from police custody on bail then we can still represent you at the police station on your return appointment.
  • Refusing the offer of legal representation at the police station when arrested will not mean you will leave earlier.
  • Do not say anything to anyone about your case including the police until you have obtained legal advice.
  • If you have been charged already do not delay in contacting us.

What to do if you are the subject of a warrant for arrest:

  • Call us immediately and we will arrange for your attendance at the police station with us – better to go voluntarily rather than be arrested by the police, this may cause bail problems, embarrassment and inconvenience when arrested.
  • If possible arrange to go at the earliest time possible to ensure a greater chance of being dealt with in court that day rather than spending a night or more in the cells.

Advice is free and independent at the police station/custody centre:

  • You have the right to free legal advice and representation
  • Benefits of having a legal advisor in the police station:
    • You understand what you have been arrested for and efforts will be made to try obtain from the police the evidence against you
    • Legal advice on the best course of action to take in interview for example to exercise your right remain silent
    • Protection in case your legal rights are infringed
    • Someone to reassure you

What to do if you receive a summons:

  • Call us immediately and arrange an interview to discuss the case.
  • We can then see the prosecution papers and advise on the case against you.

Benefit fraud:

  • Have you received a letter inviting you to an interview with an investigator?
  • Subject to your financial circumstances you are able to obtain free legal representation at this interview.
  • Call us immediately to find out whether you are able to receive free legal advice

Grounds for appeal against sentence:

  • Sentence must be manifestly excessive in order for an appeal to be brought.
  • Magistrates court decision – appeal must be made within 21 days of sentence or conviction.
  • Crown court decision – appeal must be made with 28 days of conviction and or sentence.
  • Unless you can successfully for leave to appeal out of time

We endeavour to tip the scales of Justice in your favour

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