Military Discipline

Facing a military interview or even charge?

With the introduction of the Armed Forces Act 2006, we are more than happy to represent clients of all ranks from all three Armed Services, civilian employees and dependants subject to Military Law / Discipline.

We provide legal advice on all areas of criminal and military discipline. Our expert advice could make the difference at interview or in court.

We have experience of successfully defending members of the armed forces and can advise you on all stages of the proceedings from potential service police interviews through to the conclusions of proceedings.

Court Martial Sentencing

A Court Martial shares the same powers of sentencing as the Magistrate and Crown Courts in relation to civilian offences. A Commanding Officer carrying out a summary hearing has limited powers of sentencing.

Punishments that a Court Martial may impose range from: imprisonment, detention, dismissal and fines.

Free choice of legal representation

If you are interviewed by the Service or Civilian Police you are entitled to be assisted by an independent Civilian Legal Representative of your choice, free of charge.

If you are charged with a military offence you can apply (though SSA or your Discipline Sergeant) for Legal Aid and when doing so you are entitled to nominate a Legal Representative of your choice, don’t leave it up to the Authorities to decide for you

We are a recognised independent supplier of defence advocates to the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority.

In our most recent case the Defendant’s Assisting Officer described our representation as the best he had witnessed and thought it showed credible and valued legal advice and sound judgement. Our client’s case was dismissed early due to successful half time submissions of “no case to answer”.

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