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September 2014 Cases

R v R & others
Through a detailed analysis of the prosecution case, which revealed significant weaknesses, we were successful in persuading the Judge to dismiss 7 of the 9 counts of Burglary of Dwelling/TWOC

R v S
Our client faced an allegation of serious assault with an axe causing significant injury. Despite the obvious difficulties faced with in the case, he was acquitted after trial, the Court being persuaded that he acted in self defence.

R v A
Assault. Very unusual case as the defendant was very unwell and had issues with communicating that might have required a mediator. However in the instance, it was though it might hamper his defence and so one was not applied for. Despite these problems, we successfully defended him at trial.

R v M
Criminal Damage. Issues of identity. Thorough cross-examination led to a successful submission of no case to answer resulting in the Magistrates stopping the trial half way though which avoided the client having to give evidence as he was acquitted of the charge.

R v R & others
A complex case involving 3 juvenile defendants alleged to have committed Domestic Burglary. Careful analysis proved that the crime scene had been tampered with and the defendant was acquitted after trial.

R v M
Appeal against the Criminal Damage and Assault convictions. Highly charged domestic case where the conviction was successfully over turned at the Crown Court after we demonstrated the weakness in the prosecution case.

R v K
An extremely serious multi-handed child sex abuse case with numerous counts where the court exercise its new powers of sentence due to the increase in the sentencing tariff.