Class A drugs charge

Our client was charged with supplying class A drugs within a network from London. The case involved complicated telephone evidence and required forensic analysis and complex legal arguments at the trial. Our client, a young man with prospects, decided to...
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Assault on an emergency worker

Our client was involved in an incident whereby two Police officers were called to the scene. During talks, our client disputed the officers’ directions and, although acting reasonably but firmly, this led to a physical altercation. Our client was subsequently...
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Serious road traffic offence

Our client was charged with ‘dangerous driving, causing serious injury,’ amongst other lesser offences, and faced up to five years in prison. As her solicitors on the case, we argued in the Crown Court that the case is weak and...
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Acquittal in serious sexual assault case

Our client, a business owner with a young family, faced very serious sexual assault offences recently. This was fully denied from the beginning, so we put forward a statement on our client’s behalf to reflect this, commended by trial counsel...
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Cases March 2021

R v E  Our client, an ex-professional footballer faced a serious domestic assault charge, denied throughout. In a highly emotional case, a cold forensic approach was required to dig deeper into the complaint, which unravelled as a result. Clear inconsistencies...
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Cases March 2020

R v B In a football related attack at the AMEX stadium our client was faced with a serious assault allegation against an old adversary. In preparing his defence a crucial witness was identified and it was necessary to have...
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Family Homes become Legal Battlefield

Parents helping their children on to the property ladder are increasingly ending up in court.   A recent article in The Times highlighted a growing trend of parents taking their children court to get money back after lending them money...
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Using a mobile phone whilst driving

Case law – Director Of Public Prosecutions v Barreto This is an appeal by way of case stated from a decision of the Crown Court sitting at Isleworth quashing the respondent’s conviction for driving a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile telephone,...
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Divorce courts at breaking point

Separated couples are facing a record wait to get divorced as a result of regional divorce centres trying to process a backlog of older cases, it has been revealed. Quarterly statistics covering January to March this year, published by the...
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