Criminal case against the police

In a recent case, our client had been charged with matters against the Police. Had they been convicted it would have seriously affected their career prospects. Our client had denied the offences from the beginning. We pressed for further information...
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Class A drugs charge

Our client was charged with supplying class A drugs within a network from London. The case involved complicated telephone evidence and required forensic analysis and complex legal arguments at the trial. Our client, a young man with prospects, decided to...
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Assault on an emergency worker

Our client was involved in an incident whereby two Police officers were called to the scene. During talks, our client disputed the officers’ directions and, although acting reasonably but firmly, this led to a physical altercation. Our client was subsequently...
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Serious road traffic offence

Our client was charged with ‘dangerous driving, causing serious injury,’ amongst other lesser offences, and faced up to five years in prison. As her solicitors on the case, we argued in the Crown Court that the case is weak and...
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Using a mobile phone whilst driving

Case law – Director Of Public Prosecutions v Barreto This is an appeal by way of case stated from a decision of the Crown Court sitting at Isleworth quashing the respondent’s conviction for driving a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile telephone,...
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Changes in divorce law ahead!

“Call of support from all parties for landmark government bill” Could this finally be the end of “mudslinging” for divorcing couples? Divorcing couples will soon no longer have to make allegations about each other’s conduct, after a landmark bill was...
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