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Cases March 2019

R v R A domestic violence incident, which took place in a bar in Brighton, faced our client and if found guilty he could have received  a term of custody imprisoned. Careful analysis of the evidence, particularly the cctv, showed...
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Police voluntary interviews

The police are increasingly using this type of interview which can take place in your home or a police station or custody suite. It means that an allegation has been made of a criminal nature and you are a suspect...
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March Cases 2017

R v B Our client was alleged to have assisted with a planned robbery on a house in Brighton with the intention of stealing vast amounts of money. This was allegedly orchestrated by a prisoner and his associates in London....
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Marriage rate increases

Despite the turbulent climate we live in post Brexit and Trump, people are still seeking romantic partnerships, or solace, with the number of marriages increasing according to the Office of National Statistics. The latest figures taken show an increase in nearly 3%....
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October Cases 2016

R v M Our client was charged with cultivating a large number of cannabis plants found inside his house when the police found his friend dead. This case should have been sent to the crown court due to its seriousness...
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May Cases 2016

R v A Police suspected that two of our clients were involved in an organised high value dwelling burglary conspiracy, which included 5 individuals and operated across the south of England. At court in preparation for the trial, the case...
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Drink drive offence – case

Our client was charged with drink driving as a result of a high reading of alcohol recorded in their breath, which if found guilty would have meant being disqualified for over 2 years. We managed to persuade the prosecutor on...
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