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May Cases 2016

R v A
Police suspected that two of our clients were involved in an organised high value dwelling burglary conspiracy, which included 5 individuals and operated across the south of England. At court in preparation for the trial, the case took months of delving through copious amounts of documentation. Just prior to trial we skilfully negotiated with CPS resulting in one client’s case being dismissed and the other having his charges reduced from eight to four and the removal of the conspiracy element. This significantly reduced the custodial sentence that was later imposed.

R v C
Our client was charged with attempt murder by using a large knife to stab an intruder in his house. Due to his mental health problems medical reports were obtained as were forensic reports to support his case. As a result of thorough case preparation and skilled advocacy, from our QC barrister, the jury acquitted him of the charge and instead convicted him for the lesser offence of s.18 assault GBH.

R v M
The CPS charged our client with a large number of serious sexual offences, ranging from rape to sexual assault on a minor, all of which were denied. We were instructed privately and employed a highly rated London QC to defend them. Over months of careful analysis we managed to argue successfully that 8 of the 24 counts should be withdrawn. Unfortunately our client lost at trial and received a custodial sentence, which would have been fair greater if all counts had remained.

R v W
Faced with overwhelming evidence our client pleaded guilty to large scale drug importation, over 13 kilograms of controlled drugs was found in his possession. The sentencing guidelines indicated a significant term of custody. Through various meetings with our client, we managed to obtain documentation supporting his disadvantaged background and effective good character, which persuaded the judge to suspend his prison sentence.

R v P
The police arrested and interviewed our client in 2012 for serious sexual offences in a domestic context. He was charged in 2013, his trial of fact took place in 2015 and he was sentenced in 2016. Our denied these offences and was of good character. He was an elderly man whose health deteriorated and in support we obtained 2 medical reports on his mental health and as a result he was diagnosed with dementia. The CPS then obtained their own report and after months the judge confirmed that he did not have legal capacity and could not take part in his trial. He was found guilty but not convicted due to it being a trial of fact. As a result of this meticulous work and persistent scrutiny of due process, the defendant avoided a conviction and could only be sentenced to an absolute discharge.

R v C
Due to malicious complainants made by neighbours the police charged our client with animal cruelty and took control of his dog, depriving him of his beloved pet. The police applied to take full possession of the dog so that it would not be returned to our client , prior to the cruelty trial. We opposed this application on two different occasions and the police eventually withdrew the application. At trial we discredit the accounts of the prosecution witnesses and the magistrates agreed that our client was innocent and acquitted him. The police subsequently returned the dog.

R v T
Our client pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of indecent images of children and a trial date was set. We employed an expert to analyse the computer evidence and pressed the CPS to reply to our experts requests. When no reply came we made applications to the court requesting that further pressure be exerted onto the CPS. This pressure finally took its toll as the CPS discontinued the case against the defendant.