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November 2013 Cases

R v P Despite finger print evidence linking him to a domestic burglary crime scene our trial advocate was able to persuade the Magistrates to acquit our client of this...
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December 2012 Cases

R v W A client of previous good character and school volunteer was convicted by Magistrates in her absence of serious allegations made by two neighbouring families. Having made extensive...
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February 2012 Cases

R v A The client was involved in allegations of fraud amounting in total to in excess of £50,000. After thorough analysis of this complex case and negotiation with the...
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November 2011 Cases

R v L The Court of Appeal accepted our submissions against his sentence and reduced the tariff on the sentence for Public Protection from 6.5 years to 5 years and...
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August 2011 Cases

R v G This was a highly charged case where the prosecution alleged our client was a serial rapist who had carried out attacks on at least 4 victims. He...
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