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Case of Divorce, Financial Dispute and Criminal Proceedings

In a recent case our client was involved in emotional and protracted proceedings spanning two years, starting with a family dispute, financial applications, dealing with a divorce, and involving a police arrest and subsequently the criminal court. Our wealth of experience across these different areas of law, coupled with our expertise in dealing with complex issues, enabled us to sensitively guide our client through to a successful outcome and a significant portion of the matrimonial assets.

After the divorce was initially agreed, our client was faced with financial troubles after the client’s wife refused to sell the matrimonial home. This issue led us to make an application to the family court for financial relief to force the sale of the house.

Due to the animosity that grew between our client and his wife, their relationship broke down and domestic violence allegations were made, involving the police, and our client was subsequently charged to the criminal court.

With no agreement on the financial application, the proceedings progressed to a final hearing. Meanwhile, our client’s wife had moved to another part of the country with her intention of taking the children with her, set out in an application to the court. We applied to the court resisting this application. Not only was the court persuaded to stop the move, it also ordered that child contact with our client be reinstated.

In the final hearing, the financial and children disputes were ultimately agreed to our client’s advantage after being awarded a significant portion of the matrimonial assets.

Finally, our client faced a criminal trial for alleged domestic violence and through skilful advocacy from our solicitor, he was acquitted and vindicated.

Here is what our client said:

“Oliver (Mackrell) did an incredible job. Through the most stressful time in my life, he managed the case and my emotions incredibly well. Then in the court room was where he shone even brighter. His performance was nothing short of perfection and I was proud to say he was my solicitor. Would recommend him to anyone”.

It is common for cases to spill over into different areas, starting with a family dispute such as a divorce and the financial applications that flow from it, crossing over into the criminal courts. With a wealth of experience in these areas, we can offer expert advice on a range of complex and challenging disputes, guiding you from the start to finish.

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