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Serious road traffic offence

Our client was charged with ‘dangerous driving, causing serious injury,’ amongst other lesser offences, and faced up to five years in prison.

As her solicitors on the case, we argued in the Crown Court that the case is weak and should be dismissed.

The judge agreed that the dangerous driving charge was inappropriate, and the lesser offences of ‘careless driving’ and ‘failing to report at the scene of an accident’ were remitted back down to the Magistrates court.

On seeing the weaknesses and strengths of both charges, we persuaded the CPS to accept a plea bargain. In court, our client pleaded guilty to ‘careless driving,’ receiving just a fine and six points. The offence of ‘failing to report at the scene of an accident’ was dropped completely.

This was a very sad case with serious consequences for the young person who was injured in the collision. Our client, a young man with impeccable record on his driving license, had no intent whatsoever to cause the collision. It was very disappointing for all parties involved that the CPS chose to proceed with the serious charge, which was clearly inappropriate, as agreed by the judge at the Crown Court.

We were very pleased to receive such positive feedback from our client following the trial:

“Oliver Mackrell is very professional and has helped massively to put me at ease and make me feel as comfortable as possible through my court process. Very understanding and represented me amazingly. I recommend highly!”

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