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December 2012 Cases

R v W
A client of previous good character and school volunteer was convicted by Magistrates in her absence of serious allegations made by two neighbouring families. Having made extensive enquiries with numerous solicitors firms no one would take the case as “there was no money in it.” Having contacted Mackrell Marsh & Co, leave to appeal out of time was granted and a successful appeal was achieved, resulting in the client being able to return to voluntary work.

R v J
Facing allegations of causing an accident by parking in a dangerous position our client a local businessman could have lost his license and possibly his business. Our negotiations with the prosecution led to the matter being discontinued.

R v R
In a case that spanned the country our client was charged with 9 counts of armed robbery targeting post offices at gunpoint. He pleaded guilty to the charges and received a life sentence with a minimum tariff of 12 years. We appealed this sentence and it was upheld reducing the minimum tariff to 8 years.

R v C
Our client, part of the traveller community, was charged with a vicious assault causing actual bodily harm with another. Due to meticulous trial preparation and skilled advocacy our client was acquitted.

R v M
We represented a man charged with high level fraud of £750,000 which included using fraudulent identity documents. We managed to negotiate a reduction in the number of charges and as a result received a sentence of 3.5 years, avoiding a potential sentence bordering on double figures.

R v D
The firm acted in a high profile murder case that received national media coverage. the defendant was convicted despite the technical defence of “loss of control” being raised.

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