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November 2011 Cases

R v L
The Court of Appeal accepted our submissions against his sentence and reduced the tariff on the sentence for Public Protection from 6.5 years to 5 years and also quashed the SOPO.

R v A
The defendant faced a charge of rape on a minor. His defence was meticulously prepared and even saw the rare occurrence of prosecution witnesses becoming defence witnesses. It was a very emotional lead up to trial for him but our guidance minimised his suffering. He was acquitted in court after only brief deliberation.

R v K
The police had breached their promise by reneging on their offer of a caution at the custody centre. The Magistrates accepted our argument that there was an abuse of process and so stayed the proceedings against our client.

R v C
Initially facing charges of burglary of items worth over £30,000 negotiations with the Crown resulting in the charges being reduced to possessing stolen property under POCA 2002. Even then despite the serious threat of a two year immediate custodial sentence the judge was persuaded to suspend the sentence.

R v D
The 15 year old defendant was charged with ABH, allegedly part of an unprovoked group attack, he faced a possible custodial sentence if found guilty. The case had to be prepared diligently and sensitively. After a highly charged and complex 5 day trial the Magistrates acquitted him.

R v L
Charged with cultivation of Cannabis the defendant was facing two years immediate imprisonment however after a complex argument the District Judge was persuaded to impose a suspended sentence.

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