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August 2011 Cases

R v G
This was a highly charged case where the prosecution alleged our client was a serial rapist who had carried out attacks on at least 4 victims. He was charged with 9 counts of rape on 4 victims but after a four week trial was acquitted of all charges thus avoiding a lengthy and almost certain indeterminate sentence.

R v Carey
The client was charged with fraud at a commercial level and faced a significant prison sentence if found guilty but we secured an acquittal for the client.

R v P
Despite being convicted of sexual assault to a minor and child abduction we persuaded the judge not to sentence the defendant to prison and he received only a community order.

R v M
This case never made it trial. Our client was faced with being concerned in the cultivation of Cannabis on a commercial level but we managed to persuade the Crown that it was not in the public interest, due to our client’s ill health, to continue the case.

R v M
Our client was charged with attempted rape but after negotiation the charges were dropped to sexual assault with penetration and through effective mitigation the judge did not impose a prison sentence but instead suspended the sentence with a community order attached.

R v King
Defendant faced charges of robbery and possessing a large knife which was allegedly used in the robbery. The stakes were high as he was in danger, if convicted, being given an Indeterminate Public Protection sentence. We however managed to secure acquittals on all charges

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