December 2015

Judge slams blatant dishonesty

A High Court Judge has said that a costs judgement against a dishonest party should act as a deterrent to others considering deceiving the Court. Sir Peter Singer said the husband in a divorce settlement case, named as Clive Joy-Morancho,...
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Ignore the court at your peril

A hospital consultant Essam Ali was ordered to pay all his assets worth £550,000 to his wife in a controversial case. The husband left his family and moved abroad to Bahrain and has not paid a penny in maintenance or...
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Reporting restrictions

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton’s current divorce battle has triggered a landmark legal dispute over what can be reported in the public’s interest from the family courts. Both the former Oasis frontman and the All Saints singer, the high court...
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November 2015 Cases

R v B Our client was facing a public order charge which if found guilty would have a devastating effect on his company. A detailed and thorough trial preparation enabled the QC to successfully defend the client at trial and...
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