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Drink Drive crackdown has begun!!

A crackdown on Christmas drinkers in Brighton and Sussex was launched on 7th December 2011 in a bid to cut the death toll on our roads. The crackdown lasts until 4th January 2012. This year’s message is that the only true safe drink drive limit is no alcohol at all.

Females in particular are being warned about the dangers of drink driving as the festive season is fast approaching. It seems police feel that females in their 30’s are most at risk and they will be the focus of this year’s crackdown.

Police will be out on the roads 24 hours a day to ensure that they can target any lunchtime drinkers, drivers who decide to take a risk and drive home after the office Christmas party and any drivers who are still over the limit the morning after drinking heavily the previous night.

The Law relating to drink driving contains stricter penalties than most other areas of Road Traffic Law. A long ban can be distressing because of the restriction it places on both somebody’s professional and personal life. The courts do have the option of reducing the ban and in certain circumstances will not disqualify at all with “Special Reasons” proved by your solicitor, there are also some defences which your solicitor could raise.

Our motoring solicitors have particular expertise in drink driving offences and could make the all important difference. If you are facing a drink drive charge, it is not a situation you have to face alone. Please contact us for assistance on this and any other motoring offence charges you are facing our solicitors are ready to help.

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