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February 2012 Cases

R v A
The client was involved in allegations of fraud amounting in total to in excess of £50,000. After thorough analysis of this complex case and negotiation with the CPS he eventually pleaded guilty for a significantly reduced number of counts on the indictment which allowed the judge to be persuaded to suspend the prison sentence imposed, which would have been a minimum of 3 years custody.

R v F
Our client was one of the four defendants who were charged with possession with intent to supply class B drugs. The four defendants were stopped by the police, whilst in a car, where they discovered several thousand pounds worth of drugs and thousands of pounds of cash on the group. A later search carried out by he police led to further drugs being found at the hotel where our client was staying. Through meticulous preparation and presentation our client was the only defendant acquitted.

R v P
As a young adult the defendant faced serious charges of domestic burglary concerning relatively high value sentimental goods. An emotional case for the family meant that the case had to be prepared sensitively but in a manner that elicited the key information. The client admitted the offences and the court agreed with our argument to suspend the prison sentence.

R v D
The defendant faced charges of failing to notify the DWP of a change of circumstances. Through detailed analysis we discovered the defendant had a defence and argued this in court. The DWP were reluctant to accept this argument at first but eventually did so and discontinued their case before trial.

R v M
We were recommended to this client after receiving what he called inadequate advice from another solicitor. He had pleaded guilty at the first hearing but on closer inspection of his case he had a defence and so we successfully made an application, prior to sentencing, to have his conviction set aside. Despite this case being one of domestic violence the CPS saw the strength of the defence and offered no evidence and the client was able to recover his legal costs.

R v M
He was charged with taking a vehicle without the owners consent. This was a complex case which included unusual features such as the defendant being electrocuted and exhibiting bizarre behaviour. Expert medical advice in various fields was sought which led to the defence of automatism being raised. Despite the difficulty of raising this defence the Magistrates agreed with our argument and acquitted the client.

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